The Therapists

Meet our therapists: Susie and Duke


Susie is a 10 year old Molly mule (female mule) who was born feral in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Susie lived feral with a roaming herd until she was captured by the Kentucky Humane Society’s Equine Care program in 2017. Susie is very smart and loves being groomed. We like to remark on Susie’s lovely “Egyptian eyes” and “Tina Turner hairstyle”.


Duke is a 6 year old American Saddlebred Gelding. He was also adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society’s Equine Care program in 2017. Duke was facing euthanasia by the Society due to his high-anxiety behaviors (which could have been very dangerous for people trying to handle him) after suffering a broken pelvis where he had been boarded. The boarding facility failed to follow through rehabilitating Duke after the injury rendering Duke unridable.  Carter Stables adopted Duke, where he has a forever home as an equine assisted psychotherapist.  Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) does not involve riding horses. Duke has a wonderful goofy personality.  He is now a calm, happy fellow who leads well and stands nicely for the farrier. (Previously, Duke was terrified of the farrier and we believe it was due to a incident where Duke likely flipped over backwards during a trim and his pelvis fractured.)

Carter Stables plans to gradually expand our staff of therapists in the future through adoption of other horses, mules, or donkeys needing adoption through several area equine rescue organizations. We rehabilitate these horses so they may help service members rehabilitate.

We plan to participate in fostering adoptable horses through  partnerships with reputable rescue organizations in central Kentucky and facilitate the re-homing process. These adoptable equine will also participate in the EAP program while they rehabilitate at Carter Stables.