Carter StablesA 501(c)(3) public non-profit established 2018.

Carter Stables is located in Shelby County Kentucky. Our mission is to provide equine-assisted mental health therapy to disabled veterans and members of the Armed Forces in a peaceful, rural setting.

Active duty service members state seeking help for mental health issues is viewed as a “career-ender” in the military. Even after discharge from active duty, veterans persist in viewing such help as stigmatizing. Carter Stables is on a farm, integrated in the community.  We don’t look like a clinic or hospital, so there is no need for the service member to contend with the perceived stigma of going to an “institutional” place for help.

Carter Stables’ equine assisted therapy program is Eagala-certified.

Eagala was one of the first organizations to develop a concrete model of professional standards for incorporating horses into mental health treatment and is the only certifying entity recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs. (eagala.org)